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Bowington Management represent the actors listed on this website for “Personal Appearances” only; we are not their acting agent.

All of the artistes listed are available for film conventions, presentations and some for documentaries, interviews or audio commentaries for DVD’s and Blu-rays. Fees and expenses will apply.

Please click on ‘Actors Agency’ below for our main website

Julian Glover C.B.E.

Julian Glover as Captain Veers in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Julian’s credits include: The Empire Strikes Back as General Veers  ~ Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  ~  Game of Thrones  ~  Doctor Who  ~  Quatermass and the Pit  ~  Theatre of Death  ~  Juggernaut  ~Troy  ~  UFO  ~ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  ~ The Fourth Protocol  ~  Blakes 7  ~ Nicholas and Alexandra  ~ He also played the main villain in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only   

‘Allo ‘Allo

Richard Gibson

Kim Hartman

Guy Siner

Richard’s credits include: Playing Herr Otto Flick in the  classic comedy series ‘Allo ‘Allo ~ The Go-Between  ~  The Upper Hand  ~  The Coral Island  ~  Pieces of Darkness  ~  The Key to Rebecca  Poldark ~ England Made Me ~ Tom Brown’s School days ~ Hadleigh ~ Wainright’s Law ~ Toast of London

Kim’s credits include: Playing Private Helga Geerhart in the classic comedy series ‘Allo ‘ Allo ~  Dunkirk  ~  Grange Hill  ~  The Brittas Empire 

Guy’s credits include: Playing Lieutenant Gruber  comedy series ‘ Allo  ‘ Allo ~ Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ~ Star Trek Enterprise: Silent Enemy  ~  Babylon 5  ~  Seinfeld  ~ Secret Army  ~  I, Claudius  ~  Doctor Who : Genesis of the Daleks  ~  Vlad  ~  Ironclad  ~  Lost Highway  ~  Brittas Empire  ~  Voice work for several Star Wars games include: Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds  ~  Star Wars: Jedi Knight II ~ Star Wars: Force Commander ~ Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Tim Bentick M.B.E.

Tim’s credits include: Playing David Archer in BBC’s long running  radio drama series The Archers ~  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  ~  North Sea Hijack  ~   Doctor Who: Shada  ~  Doctor Who: Extremis  ~  Dracula  ~ Enigma  ~  Spooks  ~  The Pirates of Penzance  ~  By the Sword Divided

He has lent his distinctive voice talents to a great number of characters  in many video games which include  –  Star Wars: The Old Republic  ~  Risen 2: Dark Waters  ~  The Secret World  ~  Total War: Rome 2  ~ Lego: The Hobbit  ~  Dark Souls  ~  War Hammer  ~ Lego Marvel Super Heroes  ~ The Dark Eye Demonicon  ~  Deponia  ~  Voice of James Bond  in The World is Not Enough

Isla Blair

Isla Blair in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Isla’s film and television credits include: The Hammer’s horror classic Taste The Blood of Dracula  ~ Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors  ~  Space 1999  ~ House of Cards : The Final Cut  ~  Blakes 7  ~ Treasure Island  ~  Milos Forman’s Valmont  ~ Johnny English Reborn  ~  The Beatle’s A Hard Day’s Night  ~  The Saint  ~  Department S  ~  Jason King: A Red, Red Rose Forever  ~ Law & Order UK  ~  Inspector Morse  ~  Battle of Britain ~ Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  ~  The Quatermass Experiment  ~  Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense  ~ Doctor Who: The King’s Demons

Caroline Blakeston

Caroline Blakeston in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Caroline’s film and television credits include: Mon Mothma in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi  ~ Poldark  ~  The Saint  ~  The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes  ~ City Beneath the Sea  ~  Department S  ~  The Fourth Protocol  ~ Miss Marple  ~  Yanks  ~  The Tygon Factor  ~  Poirot  ~ The War of the Starfighters  ~ Midsomer Murders  ~  The Champions ~ The Magic Christian  ~  Paul Temple  ~  As Time Goes By  ~ Out of the Unknown  ~  Till We Meet Again  ~  The Avengers  ~ The Line of Beauty  ~  The Caesars  ~  Chancer  ~  Woody Allen’s Scoop

Shirley Corrigan

Shirley worked extensively in with many of Italy’s premier directors, including Fellini, Argento Sergio, Corbucci Umberto Lenzi and Joe D’Amato. Her film and television credits include  –  Four Flies on Grey Velvet  ~  The Clowns  ~ Massacre in Rome ~ Around the World with Fanny Hill  ~  The Greek Tycoon  ~  Secrets of a Call Girl  ~  Syndicate Sadists  ~ The Hassled Hooker  ~  Mahogany  ~  Campus Pussycats  ~  Hard to Remember  ~  The Godfather Squad  ~  A Matter of Time Tales of Canterbury  ~  The Devil’s Nightmare  ~  The Crimes of the Black Cat  ~  Doctor Jekyll Versus the Werewolf  

Dermot Crowley

Dermot Crowley as General Madine in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Dermot’s credits include: Playing General Crix Madine in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi  ~  Luther  ~  The Death of Stalin  ~  War of the World  ~  The Legend of Bagger Vance  ~  The Doctor and the Devils  ~  Son of the Pink Panther  ~  The Foreigner  ~  Octopussy

June Cunningham

   Her credits include: Horrors of the Black Museum   ~  The Smallest Show on Earth  ~  The Scamp  ~  Maigret  ~  Design for Loving  ~  Part – Time Wife  ~  Three on a Spree ~

Lois Daine

Lois’ film and television credits include: Hammer Film’s Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter  ~ Cash on Demand  ~  Hell is a City  ~ Wuthering Heights  ~  Man in a Suitcase  ~ Armchair Theatre – Churchill’s People  ~  Linda  ~  Hazell  ~  The Olympian Way  ~ Coronation Street  ~  Z Cars

Norman Eshley

Norman Eshley in George and Mildred

Norman’s credits include: George & Mildred  ~  Man About the House  ~  The Lost Continent  ~  Orson Welles’ The Immortal Story  ~  Department S  ~  Crossplot  ~  See No Evil  ~  Warship ~  The Sweeney  ~  Jesus of Nazareth  ~  I, Claudius  ~  Secret Army  ~   The Disappearance  ~  The Professionals  ~  Return of the Saint  ~   Minder  ~  Willian Tell  ~  One Foot in the Grave ~  House of Mortal Sin

Shirley Anne Field

Shirley’s film and television credits include: Hammer’s The Damned  ~ Saturday Night, Sunday Morning  ~  My Beautiful Launderette  ~  The War Lover The Entertainer  ~  Kings of the Sun  ~  Alfie  ~  The Kid  ~  Waking the Dead  ~ Loving Deadly  ~ UFO  ~  Murder She Wrote  ~  Hear My Song  ~  Curse of the Dead  ~ Horrors at the Black Museum  ~  Man in the Moon  ~  Peeping Tom 

Caron Gardner

Caron Gardner in The Evil of Frankenstein

Caron’s credits include: Goldfinger  ~  The Evil of Frankenstein ~   Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed  ~ Monty Python’s Flying Circus ~  Burke & Hare  ~  George and Mildred  ~  The Saint : The Fiction Makers  ~  Department S  ~ A Shot in the Dark  ~  The Deadly Bees  ~  The Champions ~   A Hard Day’s Night  ~  The Yellow Teddy Bears  ~  The Benny Hill Show  ~ The Hellfire Club  ~  Danger Man  ~  The Brigand of Kandahar  ~    Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors

Garrick Hagon

Garrick Hagon in Star Wars: A New Hope

Garrick’s film and television credits include playing BiggsRed 3, in Star Wars IV: A New Hope  ~
Other credits  –  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  ~
 A Bridge Too Far  ~  War and Remembrance  ~  Spy Game ~ Twilight’s Last Gleaming  ~  Moonbase 3  ~ Worlds Beyond  ~ War of the Starfighters  ~ La Vie En Rose  ~  Batman  ~ Me and Orson Wells  ~  Ninja  ~ ~The Spy Who Loved Me  ~~ Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy ~ Doctor Who: The Mutants

Linda Hayden

Linda’s film and television credits include: the Hammer Horror Taste the Blood of Dracula  ~  Vampira  a.k.a.  Old Dracula ~  Blood on Satan’s Claw  ~  Baby Love  ~  The Boys from Brazil  ~  Night Watch  ~  Queen Kong  ~  Stalker   ~   Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense : Black Carrion  ~  Madhouse with Vincent Price and Peter Cushing

Virginia Hey

Virginia’s film and television credits include: The James Bond film  The Living Daylights  ~ Playing Zhaan in the cult sci-fi series Farscape ~ Mad Max 2 : Road Warrior  ~  Timeslip ~ The Return of Captain Invincible  ~  Dark Ascension  ~ Prisoner Cell Block H  ~  Neighbours  ~  Flipper  ~ Mussolini : The Untold Story  ~  Network 7  ~ Castaway  ~ Kosmos  ~  Home and Away  ~  Bullet Down Under  ~ Alien Armageddon  ~  Mission Impossible: The Killer

Sylvana Henriques

Sylvana Henriques in James Bond: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Sylvia’s film and television credits include: James Bond films On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and You Only Live Twice  ~ Hammer’s The Lost Continent  ~  Deadlier Than the Male  ~  The Fixer  ~  30 is a Dangerous Age Cynthia  ~  Doctor in Trouble  ~ The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom  ~  Kaleidoscope

Jack Klaff

Jack Klaff in Star Wars: A New Hope

Jack’s film and television credits include: Playing Red Four (John D) in Star Wars IV: A New Hope ~
The Killer Apostis in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only ~ Space 1999  ~  King David  ~ Red Dwarf  ~  Ivanhoe  ~  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
. Jack Klaff is an actor client of Bowington Management

Valarie Leon

Valarie’s credits include: Hammer Film’s  Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb  ~       The Wild Geese  ~  The Italian Job  ~  Revenge of the Pink Panther  ~  The Persuaders!  ~ Space 1999 ~  The Saint  ~  No Sex Please We’re British  ~  Queen Kong  ~ Two James Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore and Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery. Her Carry On credits are: …Up the Khyber …Camping  …Again Doctor  …Up the Jungle  …Matron 

Michael Jayston

Michael Jayston in Doctor Who

Michael’s film and television credits include: Playing The Valeyard in Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord Played Tsar Nicholas in Nicholas and Alexandra ~ UFO ~  Highlander : The Final Dimension  ~  Only Fools and Horses  ~ Zulu Dawn  ~  Cromwell  ~  Craze!  ~  Tales That Witness Madness

Billy James Machin 

Billy’s credits include: Star Wars: The Force Awakens  ~ Exit  ~ Silver City  ~  Butterfly Kisses  ~  Level Up  ~  The Royals  ~  Bastille Day  ~ Borstal ~ Walking On Sunshine ~ Rise of the Footsoldier Part III

Judy Matheson

Judy Matheson in Lust For A Vampire

Judy’s Hammer credits include: Twins of Evil  ~  Lust for a Vampire  ~ Other film and television credits  –  Crucible of Terror ~  The Exquisite Cadaver  ~  Scream … And Die!  ~  The Flesh and Blood Show  ~  Blakes 7  ~  Confessions of a Window Cleaner  ~  Percy’s Progress  ~  The Professionals  ~  The Sweeney

Ian McCulloch

Ian’s credits include: Zombie Flesh Eaters  ~  Contamination  ~ Zombie Holocaust  ~  The Ghoul  ~  Survivors   ~  Secret Army  ~  Hammer House of Horror  ~  Colditz  ~  Cromwell  ~  I, Monster  ~ Doctor Who : Warriors of the Deep  ~  Where Eagles Dare

Robert Morris

Robert Morris in Frankenstein Created Woman

Robert’s Film credits include: Frankenstein Created Woman    ~  Quatermass and the Pit  ~ A Man for all Seasons   ~  Thriller   ~  The Avengers   ~   The Saint   ~   Dial M for Murder   ~   Kessler   ~   Blakes 7

Terence Mountain

Terence’s film and television credits include: Two James Bond films –  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever  ~ Other credits:  Hammer’s One Million Years B.C.  ~ Where Eagles Dare  ~  The Baron  ~  The Saint  ~ The Champions  ~  Lassiter  ~  The Sandwich Man  ~ Isadora  ~  The File of the Golden Goose  ~  Biggles : Adventures in Time  ~  The Wicked Lady  ~Anne of the Thousand Days  ~  Roman Polanski’s MacBeth ~

Richard Oldfield

Richard Oldfield in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

Richard’s film and television credits include: Rebel Force Hobbie (Rogue 4) in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back  ~ Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce  ~ Milos Foreman’s Ragtime  ~  Razor’s Edge  ~ The Lords of Discipline  ~  The Martian Chronicles  ~  Scream for Help  ~  Thriller  ~The Golden Lady  ~  The Awakening of Emily  ~The Final Conflict – Omen III

Pauline Pert

Pauline Pert in The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Pauline’s credits include: Carry On Girls  ~  Cuba  ~  Man About the House  ~  Suburban Wives  ~  Nobody Ordered  Love  ~  Hammer’s The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Jacki Piper

Jacki’s film and television credits include: Carry On Loving  ~  Carry On Matron  ~  Carry On At your Convenience  ~  Carry On Up the Jungle  ~  The Man Who Haunted Himself  ~  Thriller  ~  The Two Ronnies  ~  Return of the Saint  ~  Run for Your Wife  ~Doctor in Trouble  ~  The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin  ~Anyone for Sex?  ~  The Dick Emery Show  ~  Wire in the Blood

Susan Penhaligon

Susan’s film and television credits include: (For Amicus’) The Uncanny  and The Land That Time Forgot. Her other credits:  Patrick  ~  Count Dracula  ~  Tales of the Unexpected  ~  Sherlock Holmes: The Masks of Death ~ Nasty Habits  ~  Remington Steele  ~  Under Milk Wood ~ No Sex Please We’re British  ~  Upstairs, Downstairs ~ Pete Walker’s House of Mortal Sin  ~  Paul Verhoeven’s Soldier of Orange  ~  Doctor Who : The Time Monster

Edina Ronay

Edina’s credits include: Hammer’s Prehistoric Women  ~   Department S  ~   Jason King  ~ Carry On Cowboy  ~ The Collector  ~  Our Mother’s House  ~   The Black Torment  ~  A Hard Day’s Night  ~  Sherlock Holmes : A Study in Scarlet  ~   The Big Job  ~  The Pure Hell of St. Trinian’s  ~  Night Train to Paris  ~  A Study in Terror

Martin Stephens

Martin Stephens (with Peter Wyngarde) in The Innocents

Martin’s film and television credits include:  Village of the Damned   ~   The Innocents   ~   Hammer’s The Witches  ~  The Hellfire Club   ~   The Witness   ~   A Touch of Larceny  ~  David Copperfield   ~   Another Time, Another Place

Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth’s great many film and television credits include: Roger Corman’s  The Tomb of Ligela with Vincent Price   ~   Damien : Omen II   ~  The Spreading Ground   ~  The Corridor People   ~  Amelia    ~   Hell Boats   ~  The Avengers : United they Stand   ~  Poltergeist: The Legacy   ~  The White Raven   ~   Law and Order   ~   The Cleopatras   ~  Blind Corner   ~  Danger Man : Dangerous Secret  ~  Head Office ~

Elizabeth was also the original Emma Peel in the cult TV series, The Avenger’s

Paul Stockman

Paul’s credits include: Playing Konga in Konga  ~  Dr. Blood’s Coffin  ~  Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood  ~  The Skull  ~  David Lean’s Oliver Twist  ~  Jack the Giant Slayer  ~  Vampire Academy

Robert Tayman

Robert Tayman in Vampire Circus

Robert’s Hammer Horror credits include: Vampire Circus with Dave Prowse and Lalla Ward, as well as the Hammer sci-fi horror Moon Zero Two. Other credits include: Pete Walker’s chilling House of Whipcord  ~  Jack the Ripper  ~  The Internecine Project  ~  The Devil’s Crown  ~  The New Avengers  ~ Arthur of the Britons  ~  Up Pompeii  ~  The Stud

Damien Thomas

Damien Thomas in Twins of Evil

Damien’s film and television credits include: The Hammer film, Twin’s of Evil ~ Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger  ~  Roman Polanski’s Pirates  ~  Shogun  ~  A. D.  ~  The Message ~ Agatha Christie’s Poirot  ~  The Secret Army  ~ The 4 Musketeers  ~  House of Cards  ~  Blakes 7  ~  Pete Walker’s Tiffany Jones  ~  Journey Into Darkness  ~ Jason King  ~  Never Let Me Go 

Sue Vanner

Sue Vanner in James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me

 Sue’s film and television credits include:  The Spy Who Loved Me  ~ Count Dracula  ~  Nighthawks  ~  Return to Waterloo  ~  Adventures of a Taxi Driver  ~  Tales of the Unexpected  ~  Curse of the Black Cat *  

Lalla Ward

Lalla Ward in Doctor Who

Lalla’s film and television credits include: The Hammer Horror classic, Vampire Circus ~ Rosebud with Peter O’Toole  ~ The Prince and the Pauper  ~  England Made Me  ~  Doctor Who: Shada ~ She was Romana, the Doctor’s ‘Companion, from 1979 – 1981 with Tom Baker as the Doctor

© Bowington Management


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